Reopening of shops in Austria has not led to a new spike in coronavirus cases,, according to a Reuters report. The health ministry did, however, say that vigilance is necessary.

Seven weeks ago, the country closed its bars, restaurants, educational institutions, theatres, shops and other locations that generally see gatherings. This helped cut the daily increase in infections to less than 1% and keep deaths relatively low - with just 606 reported so far.

On April 14 Austria became one of the first countries in Europe to loosen its lockdown, reopening DIY and garden centres as well as shops of up to 400 square metres - twice the playing area of a singles tennis court.

According to certain reports though, the current data does not reflect the impact of a more recent loosening from May 1, the time when hairdressers, other service providers and shops of more than 400 square metres were allowed to reopen.

More steps are planned, with restaurants, bars, museums and hotels all due to reopen this month.