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4-year-old Korean boy's heartbreaking revelations on 'My Golden Kids' ignites criticism of parenting (WATCH)

The article discusses the viral outrage surrounding a clip from the South Korean variety show "My Golden Kids," featuring 4-year-old Geum Ji-eun's heartbreaking revelations about his parents' mistreatment and his desire for art school, prompting international condemnation and concerns about the child's well-being.

4-year-old Korean boy's heartbreaking revelations on 'My Golden Kids' ignites criticism of parenting (WATCH) snt
First Published Nov 23, 2023, 11:29 AM IST

On November 21, 2023, a clip from the South Korean variety show 'My Golden Kids' gained viral attention, revealing a heart-wrenching moment with 4-year-old Geum Ji-eun. In Episode 169, Geum Ji-eun broke down while answering questions about his connection with his parents, sparking international outrage.

'My Golden Kids' is a reality show on Channel A that features parents seeking counseling from experienced parenting specialists. Episode 169 showcased Geum Ji-eun, with hosts asking him about the parent he preferred. His response, "I don't know," and admission of being left alone, left viewers upset, with netizens condemning the parents for mistreating the child.

In the viral clip, Geum Ji-eun revealed that neither parent played with him, citing their constant tiredness. He expressed a wish for his father to speak to him more kindly, describing him as scary when angry. When asked about his mother, Geum Ji-eun went silent before stating he believed she didn't like him.

Viewers were further angered by another clip from the same episode where Geum Ji-eun expressed a desire to attend art school. Shockingly, his mother dismissed the idea, citing his appearance as not "good-looking enough," intensifying the online backlash.

The emotional climax occurred when Geum Ji-eun retreated, emotionally requesting a moment to compose himself. Social media erupted with criticism towards the parents for thoughtless parenting, leaving the child feeling unloved and unsupported.

The outrage grew as users expressed concern that these clips might have made the child feel unwanted. Netizens marveled at Geum Ji-eun's maturity in managing his feelings, condemning the parents for their careless and reckless upbringing.

The viral video accumulated over 10.4 million views on X (formerly Twitter). Both parents held full-time careers, and the grandmother, despite her health concerns, assisted in raising the children. Other episode snippets revealed the parents' unawareness of the emotional impact on their son, citing anger management problems as their reason for appearing on 'My Golden Kids'.

The episode concluded on a positive note as Geum Ji-eun's mother spent more time with him, engaging in activities like playing games and reading. The father also softened his interactions with his son. 'My Golden Kids' is available for free on OnDemandKorea, and full episodes can be found on YouTube.

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