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Toraja: The group of people who live with dead bodies of dear ones

Can you imagine living with a dead body? This group of Torajans have been living with, feeding dead bodies of their relatives

Toraja The group of people who live with dead bodies of dear ones
Indonesia, First Published Jul 2, 2020, 2:15 PM IST
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A group of Indonesians live with and feed the dead bodies of their relatives. This is a group of Toraja people who continue to practice this every day.

Weird as it may sound to many, this group of Torajans have been practicing this tradition for several centuries. They think that the soul of a person remains near the body even after death and also believe that a well preserved body will bring them good fortune.

After a person is dead, the relatives preserve the dead body, feed them and clothe them. Interestingly, a bowl is also given to them to use as a toilet.

The body is also mummified, and special leaves and herbs are rubbed on the body to remove the stench of decaying odours. Reports also suggest that a chemical solution called formalin is coated onto the corpses to preserve the flesh and skin from rotting.

The bodies are then wrapped in blankets and kept in homes until their funerals – which can often take place months or decades later, the report added.

For Torajans, funerals are a long, gradual process of grieving over their loved ones.

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