Islamabad: The pandemic coronavirus has taken many lives across the globe and the world is still fighting the virus with people staying home, covering their faces with masks and hands with gloves.

Amid a growing number of coronavirus cases across the world, a Pakistani politician's bizarre advisory to protect one's legs so that the virus doesn't enter "from below", has been going viral on the internet.

Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan, Pakistan's assistant to the Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting, recently addressed a press conference in which she asked people to cover their legs in order to stop the virus from spreading "neeche se" (from below).

A video of the press conference was shared by journalist Naila Inayat on Twitter and has gone viral.

Awan can be seen explaining how the virus can enter not just from the mouth and nose but also from underneath. She further asked people to cover up all body parts to prevent catching coronavirus.

Since being shared, the video has over 2,500 views and four thousand likes.

The comic relief comes amid growing concerns regarding Pakistan's economy and healthcare system after the country recorded 7,638 cases on Saturday. Prime Minister Imran Khan also addressed media and said that the number of positive cases could increase exponentially by mid-May.