Why is Lord Rama called 'Maryada Purushottam'?

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Meaning of 'Maryada Purushottam'

'Maryada' means the limitations or complete observance of rules while 'Purushottam' means the best amongst men.

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Lord Rama's Qualities

Lord Rama was the only person in this world who respected the power of every creation. Lord Rama being the incarnation of Parabrahma thus respects his own creation.

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Ideal as a Son

He helped to fulfill the promise of his father King Dasharath to his mother Kaikeyi, by going to forests and rejecting the throne of Ayodhya.

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Ideal as a Brother

Lord Rama was going to be the king. But he rejected the throne and wanted to see his younger brother Bharat as king of Ayodhya since Rama loved him too much.

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Ideal as a King

During Lord Rama's rule, everyone was given justice and not even a single person belonging to the lowest class of citizens was treated unjustly in his kingdom.

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Ideal as a Husband

Lord Rama observed 'Ekapatni Vrat' (vow of loyalty to one’s wife) while kings in those days had several wives. He vowed to have only Goddess Sita as his wife. 

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Ideal Protector of Dharma

 Lord Rama killed demon-king Ravana and many other demons to protect the sages and Dharma.

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Ideal as a Friend to Vanaras

Lord Rama is an ideal example of a true friend. He befriended Sugriva and Hanuman and helped them.

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