Know the scientific reasons of Dwajasthambam in Indian temples

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Where it is placed?

This is placed between the Rajagopuram and the main sanctum. Devatas representing "Sankam", "Chakram" and "Yupam” reside here.

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Spinal cord

It represents the spinal cord of the human body. There are a totally 32 spiral bones in our spinal cord and even the flag pole has 32 rings as mentioned in Agamas.

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Protects from Lightning

The metal arrestor on top induces the charge to conduct through it and then conducts the heavy electrical impulse directly to the ground.

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Highest point of temple

The top of the Dhwaja Stambha is the highest point of the temple and is saved from devastating lightning.

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Cosmic Axis

It is considered a representation of the cosmic axis or the cosmic pillar. It symbolizes the link between the Earth and the heavens.

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Energy Conduction

Dwajasthambam acts as a conductor of divine energy. It is thought to channel spiritual energy and blessings from the deities to the devotees.

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