Why credit cards is a better choice for transactions?

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1. Reward points

Nearly all cards offer reward points on a variety of spends such as dining, entertainment, travel, shopping, etc. Some cards may also offer 2x or 5x accelerated reward points.

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2. Joining bonus

Many credit cards offer a variety of joining bonuses. These benefits may range from reward points, cashback, free flight tickets, and gift vouchers, and more.

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3. Helps you improve credit score

This 3-digit score is crucial to your financial health and can determine your access to credit. Debit card usage is not reported and will not help you build your credit score.

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4. Cashback and offers

Credit cards offer attractive cashback or discounts. By crediting % of transaction amount back to you, credit cards can help you make your purchases more affordable.

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5. For safe transactions

Credit cards come with robust consumer protection features such as the option to dispute charges following an unauthorised transaction and fraud protection.

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6. Acceptance across globe

While debit cards are accepted, credit cards are more widely preferred for many offline and online transactions. They are preferred choice given their safety and wider acceptance.

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