What is Strawberry Moon? Know about STRANGE celestial event here

The Strawberry Moon, a June phenomenon named by Native American tribes, signals summer's onset and offers a captivating celestial sight

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Meaning and Timing

The Strawberry Moon refers to the full moon occurring in June. It is named by Algonquin tribes, marking the time to gather ripening strawberries.

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Astronomical Features

The Strawberry Moon is not unique in appearance but often looks larger and more golden, especially when seen low on the horizon

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Seasonal Impact

This full moon coincides with the start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, influencing agricultural activities and folklore

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Viewing Tips

Best viewed after sunset, ideally from a location with a clear horizon. Binoculars or telescopes can enhance the viewing experience

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Scientific Insights

Its larger appearance when near the horizon is due to the moon illusion, an optical illusion that makes the moon look larger than when it’s higher in the sky

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Modern Celebrations

Today, many celebrate the Strawberry Moon with festivals and gatherings, blending ancient traditions with contemporary activities

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