Total Solar Eclipse 2024: Know date, time & other details

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What is Solar Eclipse?

When the moon passes directly between the earth and the sun, it blocks out some of the light travelling to Earth and casts a shadow over its surface

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Date of Solar Eclipse 2024

On April 8, the total solar eclipse over North America will be visible for several minutes.

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Where will Solar Eclipse be visible?

The 2024 eclipse will pass through several major cities in the United States including Venezuela, Spain, Colombia, Ireland, Portugal, the UK, and Iceland.

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Time duration of Solar Eclipse 2024

For the US, it will commence at 2.27 pm (EDT) in Texas, and will culminate at 3.35 pm (EDT) in Maine. There won’t be another coast-to-coast eclipse in the US until 2045.

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How to watch Solar Eclipse in India?

NASA will be hosting a 3-hour live stream of the eclipse starting at 1 p.m. ET, with commentary by NASA experts, astronauts on the international space station.

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