Stress Reduction to Productivity: 7 benefits of digital detox

Digital Detox means intentionally disconnecting from your digital devices for some time, so that you can focus on other things. Here are 7 benefits of digital detox.

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Increased Productivity

Scrolling on phones through unlimited content can be addictive and a hinderance to productivity. Hence, digital detox can increase your productivity.

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Reduced Stress

Constant barge of information on digital devices can increase stress. So, a break from digital devices can relax your mind.

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Better Sleep Quality

Using digital devices especially before bed, messes up with the sleep quality. So disconnecting from digital devices ensures a refreshed and less irritable you.

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Better Relationships

Taking a break from mindless scrolling and spending a quality time with loved ones will strengthen your relationships. So keep that phone aside while you interact with loved ones.

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Heightened Awareness

Digital devices can disconnect you from real world. A digital detox helps you to interact with the environment, fostering heightened awareness.

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Mental Clarity

Constant flux of information on the internet can clutter your mind, making you feel irritable. Digital detox can help in clearing all confusion and reconnecting with your thoughts.

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Time for Hobbies

A break from digital devices will give you more time to do your favourite things and improve on your skills.

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