Nalli Silks to Pothys-7 places to buy pure Kanchipuram saree

Here are seven reputable places to buy pure Kanjivaram aka Kanchipuram sarees

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Nalli Silks

One of the most renowned stores for authentic Kanjivaram sarees, offering a vast collection of traditional and contemporary designs.

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A popular destination for Kanjivaram sarees, known for its high-quality silk and intricate craftsmanship.

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Kumaran Silks

Esteemed for its exclusive and exquisite range of Kanjivaram sarees, perfect for weddings and special occasions.

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Sri Kumaran Stores

Offers a wide variety of pure Kanjivaram sarees, blending traditional designs with modern aesthetics.

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Rasi Silks (Chennai)

Known for its authentic Kanjivaram silk sarees, providing a range of options from simple elegance to grand designs.

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Sundari Silks

A well-known store offering a diverse collection of Kanjivaram sarees, known for their quality and unique designs.

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Specializes in handwoven Kanjivaram sarees, known for their rich textures, vibrant colors, and traditional motifs.

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