Mumbai is India's most costly city for expats

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Mumbai remains most expensive city in India

Mumbai, the financial capital and home to Hindi film industry, still remains the most expensive city in the country for expatriates, according to a survey by HR consultancy Mercer.

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In terms of....

Mumbai is notably expensive in terms of personal care, energy and utilities, transportation, and housing rentals, as per Mercer's 2024 Cost of Living survey.

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Most expensive city globally

Globally, Hong Kong retained its position as the most expensive city.

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Rank risen

In the list, Mumbai has jumped 11 places to rank 136, while Delhi has risen by four spots to 164.

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Other cities

Conversely, Chennai has dropped five places to 189, Bengaluru has decreased by six spots to 195, and Hyderabad remains unchanged at 202.

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Increase in housing rentals

Delhi experienced highest increase in rentals, with a 12-15% rise for expats. Mumbai saw a 6-8% increase, Bengaluru 3-6%, and Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai 2-4%, the report stated.

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Transportation costs

Transportation costs, including those for automobiles and auto parts, are most expensive in Mumbai, followed by Bengaluru. 

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Pricing across cities

Kolkata offers most economical prices for dairy products, bread, beverages, oils, fruits, and vegetables, with Pune following. Alcohol, tobacco items are least expensive in Delhi.

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Personal care products

In terms of personal care products, Mumbai is the most expensive, followed by Chennai, with Kolkata being the least expensive. 

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Top 5 rankings globally

Hong Kong maintains the top spot, followed by Singapore, Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Bern, New York City, London, Nassau, and Los Angeles. 

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