Marigold to Rose: 7 flowers used in Indian Weddings

Marigold to Rose, 7 flowers in Indian Weddings. Vibrant and symbolic, they adorn venues and attire, enhancing beauty and tradition

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Roses come in various colors and are used in weddings for their beauty and fragrance. They are used in garlands, bouquets, and as decorations for the wedding venue

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Marigold flowers are perhaps the most popular choice for Indian weddings. They are known for their vibrant orange and yellow colors and are used in decorations

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The lotus holds special significance in Hindu culture and symbolizes purity and divinity. It is often used as a decorative element in weddings

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Orchids are gaining popularity in Indian weddings for their exotic and elegant appearance. They are used in bouquets and as part of table centerpieces

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Carnations are versatile and come in various colors. They are used in floral arrangements, garlands, and as boutonnieres for the groom and other male members of the wedding party

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Jasmine flowers are prized for their sweet fragrance and are commonly used in bridal hair decorations, garlands, and for making floral jewelry like jasmine bracelets and necklaces

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Tuberose is known for its strong, sweet fragrance, making it a popular choice for garlands and hair adornments, especially for the bride

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