Kashmir- The Paradise on Earth

Kashmir is often referred to as the "Paradise on Earth" due to its breathtaking natural beauty, including picturesque landscapes, snow-capped mountains, and serene lakes.

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Natural Features

The region is defined by its stunning landscapes, including the iconic Himalayan mountain range, pristine lakes, and lush valleys.

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Dal Lake

A jewel in the crown of Srinagar, Dal Lake is famous for its houseboats, Shikara rides, and floating market.

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Multicultural Influences

Kashmir has been a melting pot of various cultures, including Persian, Central Asian, and Indian influences, resulting in a unique blend of traditions.

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Autumn's colours are vibrant, and the breeze is gentle yet emphatic. The trees acquire breathtaking red, gold, and amber tones, which greatly enhance the landscape's allure.

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The winters offer the pristine, unspoiled splendour of the snow-capped peaks, while the summers unleash the full force of the verdant meadows. 

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Tulip Garden

It is the largest Tulip Garden in Asia located in Srinagar. When spring arrives, the tulips display their colours in all of their purity.

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Kashmiri Cuisine

The Kashmir Valley is well-known for its cuisine, which includes dishes like rogan josh and ghoshtaba.

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These magnificent and exquisite boats, crafted from traditional hand-carved wood, provide an amazing voyage over the breathtaking lakes.

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