Kasavu Sarees to Aranmula Mirror: 10 things to buy in Kerala

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Kasavu Sarees

Known for their elegant off-white fabric and golden borders, these sarees are a timeless symbol of Kerala's grace and tradition.

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Ayurvedic Products

Explore Ayurvedic products, including oils and herbal medicines, for a holistic wellness experience.

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Coconut Handicrafts

Enjoy the coconut shell handicrafts, skillfully crafted into, showpieces & utensils. These unique souvenirs showcase the versatility of the coconut, a staple in Kerala's culture.

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Aranmula Mirror

Handcrafted in the village of Aranmula, these mirrors are made using a unique metal alloy and polished to perfection, producing a distortion-free reflection.

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Bring home a piece of Kerala's grand festivals with Nettipattam, traditional elephant headgear ornaments. These colorful adornments celebrate the majestic elephants of Kerala.

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Kerala Banana Chips

Made from Kerala's special variety of bananas, these snacks are a delightful blend of sweet and savory flavors.

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Snake Boat Miniature

Commemorate the spirit of Kerala's traditional boat races with miniature snake boats. These finely crafted replicas capture the essence of the exhilarating races of the state.

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Kathakali Mask

These vibrant and expressive masks capture the essence of the elaborate facial makeup worn by Kathakali performers, making for striking wall decor.

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Gold Ornaments

From the classic Kasu Mala to the elegant Nagapadam, these pieces are steeped in tradition and make for exquisite accessories.

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Nilavilakku (Traditional Lamps)

Illuminate your home with the symbolic Nilavilakku, a traditional lamp used in religious ceremonies made of brass or bronze. It holds cultural & spiritual significance.

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