Kanchipuram sarees: 7 places to buy Kanjivaram sarees in Kerala

Kanchipuram sarees are noted for their beautiful craftsmanship and sumptuous silk fabric. The sarees are famous across South India, including Kerala. 

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M.G. Road, Kochi

M.G. Road in Kochi is a popular shopping district where you can find a variety of saree shops and boutiques. Look for reputed stores that specialize in silk sarees.

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Trivandrum Boutiques

Trivandrum has several boutiques and shops that offer a wide range of sarees, including Kanchipuram silk sarees. Lulu Mall in Trivandrum is also a good shopping destination.

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Thrissur, known as the cultural capital of Kerala, has numerous saree shops where you can find Kanchipuram sarees. Try exploring the markets in this city for authentic options.

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Kozhikode, also known as Calicut, has a thriving textile industry. You can find a variety of silk sarees, including Kanchipuram sarees, in the shops and showrooms here.

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Palakkad is known for its handwoven silk sarees. While you may not find as many Kanchipuram sarees as in other cities, you can explore local boutiques for unique silk options.

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Kannur is another place in Kerala where you can find silk sarees, although the availability of Kanchipuram sarees may vary. 

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Online Retailers

Kanchipuram sarees may also be bought online from trusted sellers. Online storefronts for several popular saree brands let you shop from home.

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