International Coffee Day 2023: 7 Coffee and food pairings

From Chocolates to Cookies discover 7 types food that go with a cup of coffee. 

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The sweet flavour of chocolate pairs nicely with a creamy cup of coffee.

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Nuts like almonds, hazelnut and pecans adds a crunchy, sweet and nutty texture to the overall combination of nuts and coffee.

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Citrusy beries, or dried fruits infuse a fresh and sweet contrast to rich texture of coffee

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Dip your biscuits or cookies in the hot cup of coffee to soften them and enjoy.

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This french delicacy is flaky and buttery in texture. Break and dunk it in the creamy cup of cappuccino or latte.

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Spicy Food

Spicy foods like Mexican or Indian food go well with creamy coffee, as it helps in balancing the heat from these spicy foods.

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Avocado Toast

The creamy avocado toast with a sprinkle of salt and pepper goes well with strong flavour of coffee.

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