Hyderabadi to Ambur-7 traditional South Indian Biryani

Here are seven types of biryani in South India.

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Hyderabadi Biryani

A dum-cooked biryani with basmati rice and marinated meat, known for its rich spices and flavours.

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Ambur Biryani

A spicy biryani made with short-grain Seeraga Samba rice, originating from Ambur, Tamil Nadu.

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Chettinad Biryani

A flavorful and spicy biryani from Chettinad, Tamil Nadu, featuring Seeraga Samba rice and a unique masala blend.

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Bhatkali Biryani

Originating from Bhatkal in Karnataka, this biryani is known for its fiery spices and the use of coconut.

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Dindigul Biryani

A Tamil Nadu biryani using Seeraga Samba rice, small chunks of meat, and a distinctive peppery flavor.

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Andhra Biryani

A spicy and aromatic biryani from Andhra Pradesh, often featuring green chilies and rich masala.

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