Garba tonight? From attire to accessories, 7 ways to ace your look

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1. Traditional Attire:

For women, the Chaniya Choli and for men, the Kurta and dhoti are the go-to outfits. Vibrant colors and intricate designs are preferred.

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2. Dazzling Accessories:

Accessories like bangles, jhumkas, and necklaces add a touch of glamour. For men, turbans or Kediyu can be adorned for a complete look.

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3. Comfortable Footwear:

Given that you'll be dancing for hours, opt for comfortable footwear like mojdis or juttis that complement your outfit.

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4. Dandiya Sticks:

You can't participate in Garba without Dandiya sticks. These colorful wooden sticks are used during the dance, so make sure you have a pair.

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5. Makeup Essentials:

A light makeup look with bold eye makeup and bright lipstick is perfect for Garba night. Don't forget to use waterproof products.

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6. Fragrant Perfume:

A long-lasting, pleasant fragrance is vital as you'll be dancing in close proximity. Choose a perfume that complements your attire.

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7. Mobile Phone and Charger:

Your phone will be essential for capturing memories and coordinating with friends. Ensure it's fully charged or carry a portable charger.

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