Fruit to Paneer: 7 creative ways to make bhel puri at home

Bhel puri, a popular Indian street food, can be customized in various ways at home. Try these seven delightful recipes.

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Paneer Bhel Puri

Elevate your bhel puri with cubed paneer and minty chutney for a creamy, protein-rich twist on this classic.

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Fruit Bhel Puri

Infuse sweetness by adding apples, pomegranates, and tamarind chutney for a fruity, zesty delight.

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Corn Bhel Puri

Swap puffed rice with corn flakes to enjoy a satisfying, crispy crunch with a touch of sweetness.

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Avocado Bhel Puri

For a creamy and healthy take on Bhel Puri, swap the traditional ingredients for ripe avocado chunks. The buttery avocado complements the spicy and tangy elements of Bhel Puri.

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Sprouts Bhel Puri

Enhance nutrition by adding sprouted legumes for a health-packed, guilt-free snack.

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Chaat Bhel Puri

Combine dahi, bhujia, papdi, and chutneys for an explosion of textures and flavors, creating a chaat-inspired masterpiece.

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Classic Bhel Puri

Combine puffed rice, sev, chutney, and veggies for the timeless, tangy and crunchy street snack.

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