Eid-Ul-Adha 2024: 7 sweet dishes you must make for loved ones

Eid-Ul-Adha, a joyous Islamic festival, is marked by prayer, feasting, and the exchange of sweet dishes. Here are seven delightful desserts to enhance your celebrations

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Shortbread cookies stuffed with dates, nuts, or figs. These delicacies are often shaped in intricate molds and dusted with powdered sugar

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A chilled dessert drink made with vermicelli, basil seeds, rose syrup, milk, and ice cream. This layered treat is both refreshing and indulgent

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A semolina cake soaked in simple syrup, often flavored with coconut or orange blossom water. This Egyptian dessert is moist, fragrant, and typically garnished with almond

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Sweet, stuffed pancakes filled with cream, nuts, or sweet cheese, often fried, drizzled with syrup. A popular treat during Eid, they're known for their soft texture

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Sheer Khurma

A rich, creamy dessert made with vermicelli, milk, dates, and a variety of nuts. This traditional dish is flavored with cardamom and rose water

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Layers of flaky phyllo pastry filled with a mixture of nuts and sweetened with honey or syrup. This Middle Eastern delight is known for its rich, buttery taste

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Soft, spongy balls made from chhena (Indian cottage cheese) soaked in a light syrup flavored with cardamom and rose water

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