Durga Puja 2023

 5 non-vegetarian dishes to enjoy

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Mutton Curry

A flavorful and spicy mutton curry made with tender pieces of goat or lamb is a popular non-vegetarian dish that some people may include in their Durga Puja feasts.

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Prawn Curry

Prawn or shrimp curry is another delectable seafood option for those who enjoy non-vegetarian dishes.

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Non-vegetarian biryani, whether chicken, mutton, or prawn, is a festive favorite and can be a delightful addition to the Durga Puja menu. 

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Egg Curry

A simple and quick egg curry can be a satisfying non-vegetarian addition to the Durga Puja feast.

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Fish Curry

Fish curry, often prepared with mustard oil and a variety of spices, is a staple in Bengali cuisine. Varieties of fish like Rohu, Katla, and Hilsa are commonly used.

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