'Don't smoke Ganja', says Honey Singh: 7 drawbacks of having marijuana

Honey Singh, during his performance, said, Ganja -Vanja mat fuka karo, 5 years I wasted of my life doing this. Drink as much as you want." 

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7 drawbacks of having marijuana

"Sisters and brothers, don't smoke this ganja; five years of my life have been wasted; drink as much as you want, but don't smoke ganja."

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Negative Impact on Memory and Cognition

Marijuana use, especially in high doses, can impair cognitive function and memory. This can affect academic or work performance and overall quality of life.

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Impact on Mental Health

Marijuana use can cause anxiety, paranoia, and psychosis, especially in susceptible individuals.

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Adverse Effects on Motivation and Productivity

Some individuals may find that marijuana use decreases their motivation and productivity, leading to difficulties in achieving personal or professional goals.

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Social Stigma and Perception

Despite legalisation in certain places, marijuana usage is still stigmatised. Not using it may help people avoid judgment and wrong perceptions.

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Potential for Addiction

Although not as addictive as heroin or cocaine, marijuana can cause dependency in certain users. Tolerance, withdrawal, and difficulty stopping may result from regular usage.

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Health Risks

Smoking marijuana can cause respiratory difficulties, cognitive impairment, and reliance, even though it is less hazardous than other substances.

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Legal Concerns

In many places, marijuana is illegal or tightly regulated. Using it could result in legal consequences, including fines or imprisonment.

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