DON'T keep these 5 things near your bed while sleeping

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According to Vastu, we can avoid financial and mental problems by ensuring that these objects are not around or near our bed when we sleep.

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Water can lead to mood swings, hormone imbalances, and sleep troubles. Avoid keeping it near your head or aura, but storing it in the bedroom below head level is an option.

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Never place your medicine kit or box on a side table in the bedroom since it attracts illness and one is constantly reliant on medications. 

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Footwear attracts negativity and has an impact on health. Not referring to bedroom slippers, which ideally should be clean.

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Unwashed clothes

Leaving unwashed clothes on your bed might cause terrible nightmares and negativity.

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Electronic gadgets

Keeping electronic gadgets can have an impact on sleep, and you are likely to wake up fatigued rather than fresh.

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