Discover rich flavors of Afghanistan: 7 must-try Afghan snacks

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1. Bolani

These thin, stuffed flatbreads are a popular Afghan street food. They are typically filled with mashed potatoes and seasoned with spices like coriander and cumin.

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2. Samosa

While similar to the Indian samosa, Afghan samosas have their own unique twist. They are often filled with minced meat, lentils and a blend of spices.

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3. Mantoo

Mantoo are Afghan dumplings filled with seasoned ground meat, typically lamb or beef, and sometimes mixed with onions and herbs.

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4. Quroot

Quroot is a dried yogurt-based snack. It's made by straining yogurt until it becomes solid and then drying it into small, tangy balls.

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5. Nan-e Nokhodchi

These sweet, little chickpea cookies are a delightful treat. Made with chickpea flour, sugar, and cardamom, they have a crumbly texture and a fragrant aroma.

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6. Aashak

Aashak are Afghan dumplings, similar to mantoo but typically filled with a mixture of leeks and scallions. They are often served with a tomato-based sauce and a drizzle of yogurt.

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7. Nan-e Afghani

Afghan bread, known as nan, comes in various shapes and sizes. The most common type is a round flatbread baked in a tandoor oven.

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