Deccan Odyssey to Maharajas' Express: 5 luxurious trains in India

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Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

This train traverses Rajasthan and other parts of North India. Ticket prices range between Rs 3 lakh to 7 lakh per head.

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Golden Chariot

This luxury train explores the southern states of Karnataka, Kerala & Tamil Nadu. It offers two distinct itineraries, the Pride of the South & the Southern Splendor.

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Maharajas' Express

It is often touted as the "world's leading luxury train". It offers several itineraries including the Indian Panorama, Treasures of India, and Heritage of India.

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Palace on Wheels

It is one of India's most iconic luxury trains. It offers a week-long journey through Rajasthan and other parts of North India.

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Deccan Odyssey

This luxury train explores the Deccan Plateau and other regions of India. It offers several journeys, such as the Maharashtra Splendor and the Indian Odyssey.

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