9 refreshing Navratri drinks you can't miss

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1. Coconut Water:

A natural electrolyte-rich drink that keeps you hydrated and provides essential minerals. It's a traditional Navratri favorite.

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2. Masala Chai (Spiced Tea):

Brew spiced tea using tea leaves, water, and milk or milk substitute. Spices like cardamom and ginger add warmth and flavor.

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3. Lemon Water:

Squeeze fresh lemon into water and add a pinch of rock salt and powdered jaggery for a zesty and hydrating drink.

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4. Pudina (Mint) Chaas:

Blend mint leaves, yogurt, and water with sendha namak (rock salt) to create a refreshing and tangy buttermilk.

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5. Kokum Sharbat:

Kokum concentrate mixed with water, sweetened with jaggery, and a pinch of rock salt, this drink has a sweet and tangy taste.

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6. Fruit Smoothies:

Blend fruits like banana and apple with yogurt, sendha namak, and spices for a nutritious and delightful drink.

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7. Aam Panna:

Raw mangoes are boiled, mashed, and flavored with spices like cumin and black salt, making a cooling and tangy drink.

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8. Spiced Iced Tea:

Brew tea with spices, cool it, and serve over ice. Add sweeteners like powdered jaggery or honey.

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9. Lassi:

This yogurt-based drink can be sweetened with jaggery and flavored with cardamom for a creamy, satisfying drink.

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