Cinnamon to Coriander: 7 must have Indian spices to elevate your food

Add a strong punch of flavours to your culinary creations with these Indian spices

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These can either appear as woody sticks or ground into powder. They impart a sweet flavor and a woody aroma to the food.

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Garam Masala

Usually made with a blend of five to six spices, Garam Masala adds a warming flavour to your food. Most Indian homes create their own blend for this spice.

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With two varities – green and black - cardamom adds a floral aroma and sweet-spicy flavour to the food.

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The spice is used both as whole and grounded. To add a nutty flavour add cumin to your food.

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Red Chili

For the ones who love a kick of heat to their food, red chilli is a must.

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The bright colour spice adds an earthy flavour to your food and is known for its medicinal properties like healing wounds.

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To lift the overall deliciousness of the food you can add this spice either as whole seed or grounded powder or both. It will provide a citrusy taste to the dish.

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