Butter Chicken to Palak Paneer: Delectable curries to savour in India

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1. Butter Chicken:

This creamy tomato-based curry, with succulent pieces of chicken, is a North Indian delight loved for its rich and velvety texture.

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2. Palak Paneer:

A vegetarian favorite, this curry combines fresh spinach (palak) with chunks of paneer (Indian cottage cheese) in a flavorful gravy.

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3. Rogan Josh:

Hailing from Kashmir, this aromatic curry features tender pieces of meat (usually lamb or goat) in a red-hued, aromatic gravy infused with a blend of spices.

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4. Malai Kofta:

A luxurious vegetarian curry, Malai Kofta features soft kofta balls made from a mixture of paneer and vegetables, bathed in a creamy tomato-based sauce.

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5. Goan Vindaloo:

This spicy and tangy curry, with its roots in Goa, combines marinated meat (often pork) with vinegar and aromatic spices, resulting in a distinctive flavor.

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6. Paneer Tikka Masala:

A beloved vegetarian option, this dish showcases marinated and grilled paneer cubes in a creamy tomato-based sauce, bursting with smoky flavors.

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7. Dhansak:

A Parsi specialty, Dhansak combines meat (usually mutton or chicken) with lentils and a melange of spices, creating a delightful sweet and savory curry.

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8. Kerala Fish Curry:

The coastal state of Kerala offers a tantalizing fish curry made with fresh catch, coconut milk, and an array of spices, providing a burst of flavors.

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9. Dum Aloo:

Hailing from North India, this dish features baby potatoes cooked in a rich and aromatic tomato-based gravy, often complemented by yogurt and cream.

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10. Doi Maach:

A Bengali classic, Doi Maach combines succulent fish pieces with a luscious yogurt-based gravy, resulting in a tangy and savory delight.

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