7 identification cards you need to have if you’re an Indian citizen

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1. Birth certificate

A birth certificate is an official record of person's birth issued by the municipal authority. It provides essential information such as date and place of birth and parents' names.

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2. Aadhaar card

The Aadhaar card issued by UIDAI is a vital ID document for everyone living there. It gives a unique 12-digit number to each resident, acting as both proof of identity and address. 

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3. PAN card

The purpose of a PAN card is to assign a unique ID to each taxpayer, making it easier to manage tax administration.

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4. Passport

Issued by the government, a passport acts as your official ticket to the world. It verifies your identity and citizenship, making it essential for any international travel.

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5. Driving license

Your driver's licence is more than just permission to drive. It's your official ID, proving you passed the tests to be a safe driver who knows the rules.

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6. Voter ID

It serves as proof of identity and residence, ensuring that only eligible voters can cast their votes, thereby upholding the integrity of the electoral process. 

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7. Marriage certificate

It issued by the government. It unlocks a whole world of benefits, like sponsoring your spouse's visa, sharing insurance plans, and even inheriting from each other.

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