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India records 10 million daily ridership across all metro rail systems

India is witnessing a steep rise in its metro ridership and all metro rail systems in the country presently generate operational profits.

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The Economist 'Christmas Double' claim

In its year-ending ‘Christmas Double,’ the Economist claimed that India failed to attract passengers in its article titled India’s metro rail systems.

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Centre rejects The Economist's claim

The Centre rejected & said that daily ridership across metro systems in the country has already crossed the 10 million mark, & is expected to exceed 12.5 million in a year or two. 

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Delhi Metro ridership

In Delhi Metro, the daily ridership has exceeded 7 million already by the end of December 2023. It has helped to ease the pressure on congested corridors of the city. 

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Indian govt promises multi-modal transport options

The Indian govt will offer a combination of multi-modal transport options for the long term in a sustainable manner. 

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PM e-Bus Sewa scheme

The PM e-Bus Sewa scheme developed for the promotion of bus transport systems wherein 10,000 e-buses will be deployed in cities with population between 500,000 and 4 million.

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