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Arvind Kejriwal in Tihar jail: Delhi CM's demands, routine revealed

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Sent to Tihar Jail

Arvind Kejriwal will be in judicial custody till April 15. He will be in Tihar's Jail No 2.

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Kejriwal's routine

His day will begin at sunrise (around 6:30 am). They will get tea and a few slices of bread as breakfast. After morning shower, he will leave for court or sit down with legal team.

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Lunch routine

The lunch will be served between 10:30 and 11 am, and consists of a dal, sabzi, and five rotis or rice. At 3:30 pm, they get tea and biscuits, and can meet their lawyers at 4 pm.

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When will he get dinner?

An early dinner - the same as lunch - is at 5:30 pm, after which the prisoners are locked up for the night by 7 pm.

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Kejriwal's prison facilities

He can watch TV except during scheduled prison activities. Between 18 and 20 channels, including news, entertainment, and sports are allowed.

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Regular health check ups

There are doctors and medical staff available 24/7 in case of an emergency; Kejriwal, who is a diabetic, will have regular check-ups during his imprisonment.

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5 demands by Kejriwal

First, he will be provided with medicines. Second, he will get special diet due to medical history. Third, he will be allowed to retain religious locket that he currently wears.

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What are the others?

Fourth, he is allowed to carry three books in jail – Bhagavad Geeta, Ramayan and a book How Prime Ministers Decide. Fifth, he has also demanded a table and chair in the jail.


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