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5 Indian Cities named in 'Best Food Cities in World'

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Taste Atlas

Taste Atlas, an online travel guide, recently compiled a list of cities with the best food in the world.

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5 Indian Cities

Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, and Lucknow ranked in the top 100 of Taste Atlas' Best Food Cities in the World.

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Two Indian Cities in top 50

The two Indian cities that have made it to the top 50 are Mumbai and Hyderabad, at number 35th and 39th, respectively.

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While Delhi bagged the 56th spot, Chennai and Lucknow came in at 65th and 92nd.

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Special foods

While Delhi and Mumbai are popular for their variety of chaats, Hyderabad is known for its Biryani, and Chennai for its delectable Dosa and Idli.

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Lucknow is quite known for the delectable Mughlai dishes that include Kebabs and biryani.

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