Which weapon was used to fire outside Salman Khan's house?

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Gunfire outside Salman Khan's house

On Sunday morning, there was gunfire outside Salman Khan's Galaxy Appartments.

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Lawrence Bishnoi

Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi's brother Anmol Bishnoi claims responsibility for the incident.

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The weapon

Two men armed with a weapon fired four gunshots and as per the Police, the weapon is believed to be a 7.62 weapon.

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The weapon

The authorities believe a 7.62mm bore gun was used based on a bullet shell recovered at the scene. 

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Lawrence Bishnoi and Salman Khan

Lawrence Bishnoi's gang has been targeting Salman Khan, purportedly because of the 1998 blackbuck hunting incident.

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Blackbucks are regarded sacred by the Bishnoi people.

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