Triptii Dimri buys lavish bungalow worth THIS much

Triptii Dimri, famed for her role in 'Animal,' bought a lavish bunglow in Bandra. Check out the price of the property here

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Bandra Bunglow

The purchase included additional costs of Rs. 70 lakhs for stamp duty, Rs. 30,000 for registration, finalized on June 3, 2024. As per reports it costs 14 crore

Image credits: Tripti Dimri/instagram

Cast in 'Bulbbul'

Triptii gained widespread recognition with her role in 'Bulbbul' and has been cast in several promising films since achieving national fame as the 'national crush'

Image credits: Tripti Dimri/instagram

Parent's reaction to 'Animal' scenes

Her intimate scenes with Ranbir Kapoor in 'Animal' drew mixed reactions, even startling her parents, which led to a lengthy discussion about the necessity of those scenes

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Bold Scenes in 'Animal' with Ranbir Kapoor

In a Vogue India interview, Triptii shared that her parents were initially taken aback by her bold scenes but eventually supported her, though they expressed discomfort

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Success in 'Animal'

Despite expecting 'Animal' to succeed, Triptii was surprised by the overwhelming love her character Zoya received, especially given her relatively short screen time

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Triptii Dimri Personal Life

Triptii's personal life garners attention, with ongoing speculation about her relationship with model Sam Merchant, fueled by their public appearances and shared vacation photos

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Triptii Dimri

Fans eagerly await glimpses of Triptii Dimri's new Bandra bungalow, a testament to her rising success and prominence in the film industry

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