Sonam Kapoor lost 20kgs of post-partum weight; Actress shares journey

Sonam Kapoor's postpartum metamorphosis unfolds: shedding 20 kgs in 16 months, she champions health over haste, inspiring new moms with a mindful and steady approach

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Motherhood Bliss

Sonam Kapoor, embracing motherhood in August 2022, prioritizes parenting alongside her professional commitments

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Postpartum Journey

The actress shares her gradual post-pregnancy weight loss journey, focusing on health and nutrition

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Fitness Update

Sonam reveals her progress in a post-workout mirror reel, shedding 20 kgs with a goal of 6 more

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Balanced Approach

Sonam emphasizes a steady approach, avoiding crash diets and extreme workouts, opting for consistent self-care

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16-Month Transformation

Reflecting on her postpartum experience, Sonam expresses gratitude for her body's resilience without resorting to drastic measures

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Breastfeeding Priority

Last year, Sonam highlights her focus on health while breastfeeding, debunking the need for extreme diets

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Career and Family

Married to Anand Ahuja in 2018, Sonam returns to acting post-maternity with the film "Blind" and has more projects in the pipeline

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