Sherlyn Chopra said once she slept with people for money; Read more

Throwback Thursday: Sherlyn Chopra back in 2012 confessed that she used to sleep with people for money once upon a time. She enjoyed the quick bucks that she made out of it

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Confessional Tweets

Sherlyn Chopra admitted to engaging in paid sexual encounters in the past for financial gain

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Intent Behind Confession

She had clarified that her intent is not for sympathy or to change public perception. She also posed for US adult magazine Playboy

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Receiving Requests

She had revealed that she was receiving requests for paid physical intimacy via her social media and website

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Memory of Experiences

She had claimed that she doesn't remember any specifics from these encounters

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Career Trajectory

Despite a lack of success in Bollywood, she gained attention from a nude photoshoot for Playboy

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Timed Confession

Her confession coincided with a similar revelation from Poonam Pandey, who also made such claims during the same time, suggesting a planned effort

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Sherlyn Chopra is known for her controversial statements and bold photo shoots

Image credits: Instagram
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