Om Puri birth anniversary

'Maachis' to 'Paar',  recalling late actor's best performances 

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'East is East' (1999)

Om Puri played the role of a Pakistani immigrant who was dealing with cultural clashes within his family. His performance earned critical acclaim and international recognition.

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'Aakrosh' (1980)

Om Puri's role as a poor laborer who becomes a victim of social injustice in this Indian film is widely regarded as one of his most compelling and memorable performances.

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'Maachis' (1996)

In this Indian political drama, Om Puri played a crucial role as a former militant. His character in the film was praised for its depth and complexity.

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'Paar' (1984)

Om Puri's portrayal of a poor laborer struggling to survive in a harsh rural environment is a testament to his acting prowess and the film's powerful storytelling.

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'Ardh Satya' (1983)

Om Puri's role of Anant Welankar, a conflicted and morally upright police officer, in this Indian drama film, is considered one of his most iconic and powerful performances.

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