How will UK Election Results 2024 impact Indian markets and investors?

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Keir Starmer

Keir Starmer will become the UK's prime minister later today after his Labour Party won a huge victory in Thursday's parliamentary elections. 

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The India-UK Free Trade Agreement

As the Labour Party prepares to take power in the UK, economic think tank GTRI stated on Friday that it may ratify the India-UK FTA with minimal changes.

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The India-UK Free Trade Agreement

In January 2022, India and the United Kingdom began discussing a free trade agreement to strengthen their economic ties. So far, 14 rounds of conversations have occurred.

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Visa Rules

India has been in talks with the UK for several years to simplify visa requirements, as many Indians travel there for IT and financial sector jobs. 

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Visa Rules

The country wants to simplify the restrictions for the UK's India Young Professionals Scheme and make changing employment within the UK easier.

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Carbon Tax

While the FTA may cut or remove tariffs, Indian exports may still face significant carbon fees, unlike UK exports to India. The UK supports applying the EU's carbon tax.

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