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Watch: Golden Retriever's adorable interaction with burglar makes internet buzz

Watch the heartwarming encounter between a burglar and a playful golden retriever caught on surveillance footage in San Diego. The unexpected interaction adds a charming twist to the burglary incident. Law enforcement seeks public assistance in identifying the individual and the stolen bicycle.

In a captivating incident, a burglar recently found himself in an unforeseen scenario after exiting a garage with a valuable $1,300 bicycle in tow. The surveillance footage chronicled the unfolding events, taking a heartwarming twist. As the bike thief stepped out, a friendly golden retriever appeared, engaging in playful antics right in front of him at a residence in San Diego.

The contrast between the audacious burglary and the endearing interaction with the dog created a uniquely charming scene. The juxtaposition left observers both entertained and moved by the unfolding narrative.

With a cheerful greeting of "Hi, buddy," the man reciprocated the dog's enthusiasm, even receiving a friendly kiss as he interacted with the canine during the burglary that took place on July 15.

The footage captured an amusing sequence wherein the individual playfully returned the stolen Electra 3-speed bicycle to the garage. He casually leaned it against a shelf, a moment caught on camera and subsequently shared by the San Diego police department as part of their surveillance footage.

Reports indicate that law enforcement has reached out to the public for assistance in identifying either the individual seen in the video or the bike that was pilfered. Descriptions indicate that the stolen 2019 bicycle, which is black in color, bears distinct "8-ball" caps on its tire valves, an emblem of the same design on its frame, and a black-and-white checkered pattern on the back wheel frame.