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Pakistan Shocker: UK Visa Office in Karachi airs adult video on TV (WATCH)

The video, captured during the travel procedures, showed adult content on the large screen, causing discomfort to individuals, including women and security personnel. The office staff promptly addressed the issue by turning off the television

A hilarious yet shocking incident unfolded at a UK Visa Office in Karachi, Pakistan, where Gerry's Visa Centre mistakenly aired explicit content on one of the large screens at the official premises. The inappropriate video was displayed while individuals were in line, awaiting their turn with their documents. The incident, captured on camera, has now surfaced online.

The video initially depicted scenes from the visa office in Karachi, where people were present for their travel procedures. However, the focus shifted to a public television screen, revealing the inadvertent display of adult content. This occurred in the presence of individuals, including women and security personnel. After a brief period of the error, the office staff took control of the situation and promptly turned off the television.

This incident echoes a similar occurrence earlier in 2023 at the Patna railway station, where an adult video, purportedly featuring Kendra Lust, was mistakenly shown on a television screen designated for announcing train schedules. The incident left passengers on the crowded platform astonished.