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Olaf Scholz ends era of the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel

Nov 25, 2021, 4:26 PM IST

After two months of talks, three German political parties have sealed a deal for a new government and Olaf Scholz, the center-left Social Democratic Party’s (SDP) candidate, will be Germany’s next chancellor, replacing Angela Merkel who has led Germany for 16 years.

The left-leaning Olaf Scholz, about to hold the designation of Germany's next chancellor, has ruled out the 16-year long term of Merkel-led German government, reported DW News. The agreement between the SPD, the Greens and the Free Democratic Party, will see them govern together in a three-way coalition for the first time. The alliance has been described as a “traffic light” coalition in reference to the parties’ traditional colours.

On Wednesday, the said three German parties showcased their plans titled 'Risk more progress' with the agenda to take over Merkel-led government. The coalition about to form the German government tagged their cooperation deal as an 'alliance for freedom, justice, and sustainability.

For both Germany and wider Europe — where Merkel had taken on the role of a de facto leader — it marks the end of an era with Germany often at the center stage of policymaking.

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