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YouTuber arrested for flying pet dog using helium balloons in Delhi

The Delhi Police arrested a 27-year-old Gaurav Sharma, who allegedly tied several balloons on his dog's back to make it fly in the air.

A Delhi-based YouTuber has been arrested in an animal cruelty case. Yes, the accused Gaurav Sharma made his pet dog float up in the air by tying helium balloons on its back. Gaurav strapped a bundle of helium balloons to a dog outside a building in the video. Also, Gaurav explains the act, pulling up the string of balloons.

The video went viral, and many slammed Gaurav for the cruel act.  After People For Animal (PFA) raised the issue, a complaint was lodged against Gaurav Sharma. After all the furore, he deleted the controversial video and apologised, saying that he had taken all safety measures.