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Karnataka Assembly Election: This is how politicians fool you in the name of God

Apr 11, 2018, 7:58 PM IST

The Karnataka Assembly Elections are around the corner and like every time, the players are set to play with the emotions of the people. As for us Indians, religion is much more than an emotion and politics has turned out to be an emotional warfare. With the Lingayats new demand for a separate religious identity fuelled by Congress' Siddaramaiah and the BJP going gaga over the whole idea of Hindutva, voiced by none other than Amit Shah, the voters are left to wonder if their next 5 years lie in the hands of  God or some people who claim to have God in their names. However, the voters have the last arrow - the Brahm Astra that has the power to turn the tables and it is the duty of every citizen to vote to power the most deserving.

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