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Watch: How killer elephant was caught with help of trained tusker Abhimanyu

Jun 12, 2021, 8:05 PM IST

After series of complaints of wild elephant attacks in Hassan region, the forest department with herd of five trained elephants launched an operation to catch the rouge two elephants that killed five people. One of the wild elephant was spotted on Thursday at 6am, the officials cornered the elephant and took it to krel for training.

Rogue elephant tried to escape and also tried to attack the trained elephants Arjuna, Bheema, Ganesha and Mahendra but the official shot tranquilizers to the rogue elephant.  As it became a bit tired, Abhimanyu, the most experienced tusker in the operation, overpowered and stuffed the rogue elephant into the truck.

The officials continue to camp in the forest area and are in search of one more rogue elephant.

The video of Abhimanyu stuffing the rogue elephant into a truck is going viral and the state residents are feeling proud about the tusker which is also a highlight of the Mysuru Dasara.

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