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Vintage Rolls-Royce, women on bikes and pan-India fervour steals show at Andhra Pradesh wedding (WATCH)

A couple from Andhra Pradesh orchestrates a unique and unconventional wedding procession featuring a vintage Rolls-Royce, women on Royal Enfield bikes, and traditional music, breaking away from typical wedding extravagance.

A couple hailing from the West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh decided to break away from the conventional wedding norms and made their special day truly unique. Instead of the usual extravagant celebrity performances and elaborate buffet arrangements, they opted for a distinctive celebration that turned heads.

In this unconventional wedding procession, the couple chose to ride in style, seated in a vintage Rolls-Royce. The opulent white Rolls-Royce was beautifully adorned, making a striking impression as it gracefully traversed through the lanes. The bride and groom added an extra touch of glamour by wearing chic black shades, with the groom affectionately draping his arm around the bride.

What set this procession apart was the leading group of women who were riding Royal Enfield bikes. These women, adorned in traditional sarees and sunglasses, added an element of empowerment and grace to the event. There was a moment when one of the women couldn't help but be captivated by the resonating exhaust note of the cruiser bike, adding an unexpected twist to the celebration.

The grandeur of the procession extended further with the inclusion of a Panchari melam, a traditional Kerala drum orchestra. Several men were seen skillfully playing an instrument known as the chenda, infusing the atmosphere with vibrant rhythms.

Following the vintage Rolls-Royce were a fleet of other luxury cars, including an Audi and a Volvo, enhancing the overall splendor of the event. To ensure the safety of the couple, bodyguards walked alongside the Rolls-Royce, amid the joyous celebrations of guests and relatives.

The remarkable procession didn't go unnoticed, drawing the attention of many passersby who were captivated by the grandeur and unique arrangements that this couple had chosen for their special day. It was a wedding celebration that stood out for its creativity, elegance, and the breaking of traditional norms.