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Karnataka: Here's how KSRTC is keeping its buses hygienic and safe for passengers

The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) in collaboration with ATS ELGI Company at the Bangalore Central Division Unit operating Volvo luxury buses is making all efforts to keep up the hygiene and sanitation standards.

To remove manual labour in bus washing after every trip and to maintain cleanliness, the KSRTC installed ATS ELGI automatic cleaning and sanitizing machine which can clean the bus in just 5 minutes and retain the brand new look of its luxury buses.

Once the censors-based machine is switched on, the huge machine mounted on tracks on both the end and on top is fitted with polythene brushes, will move horizontally and clean the bus.

Vehicle exterior shield, front armor, large aircraft glass, side mirror horns, rear shield and roof AC units can also be washed. Pump fitted to spray shampoo perfectly from the drains will have a separate shampoo washing cycle system to clean the surface of the bus from outside, added the KSRTC official.

As per the depot manager, KSRTC Volvo unit, Annapaiah Achar, the bus travels to various destinations and the muddy and slushy water and dust may cover the bus exterior and may also result in infection of passengers and cause rust to buses in the long run. To keep the passengers safe and also to retain the good look, manual labours were pressed after every trip and it used to take at least 40 minutes to clean the bus earlier.

Now with this latest technology, the first of its kind in Bus Transport Corporation in Karnataka, the KSRTC is able to clean its buses in quick 5 minutes.

After this task, the bus is then also sanitized from interiors through spraying and fogging and is kept ready for the next trip in no time.

The official added that it just takes 4-kilowatts of power to clean one bus and each time it takes only 280 to 300 litres of water per bus.