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CCB's big drug bust: Nigerian running drug factory nabbed, Rs 2 crore worth contraband seized

CCB's big drug bust: Nigerian running drug factory nabbed, Rs 2 crore worth contraband seized

Bengaluru's Central Crime Branch which is on the chase to nab peddlers and bust the drug haul managed to round off and raid a house in Bengaluru outskirts which was converted into a drug manufacturing factory.

The accused was identified as John, a Nigerian who has taken the house from an aged couple on a rental basis and has sourced necessary chemicals to make synthetic drugs.

The accused also has reportedly traded contraband like MDMA and Ecstacy through the darknet platform to keep his identity safe.

As per police, the accused who locals refer as 'Kage' was living as a tenant of an aged couple. He had smuggled drugs from various countries through the dark net.

The accused claimed dangerous chemical substances like Acetone, HypoPhosphorous acid, Iodine resublimed 99%, Plain acid, Sodium Hydroxide were used in preparing the contraband and supply to other states and countries as well.

The cops were shocked to find types of equipment like measuring cylinder, plastic, heating mantle, flask boiling, Honeywell company pace mask, PH measure stick, continental hoses pipe and Panal, shoes which are used in the laboratory for making drugs.

The Bengaluru City police from last year have become very active in busting illegal drug trade and in the process also blew the lid and exposed Sandalwood actresses and celebrities involved in the case as they are either consumers or suppliers.

The police after arresting Sandalwood actress Ragini Dwivedi and Sanjjanaa Galrani, sent their hair for follicle test which has established that they have consumed drugs and the FSL report is being used during court trial.

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