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Bengaluru’s harsh summer: Lal Bagh to escape water scarcity problem

 Bengaluru’s centre of attraction and lung space Lal Bagh will not be affected by the harsh summer as officials have managed to store up 15 lakh litres of treated water from BWSSB's STP and have come up with 120 percolation tanks in the 240-acre land

With many areas already parched and groundwater levels going down by 1000 feet in Bengaluru, there were concerns about saving huge trees in the city's lung space Lal Bagh. However, authorities have taken steps to ensure trees will not be affected as there will be regular water supply. With 15 lakh litres of treated water from BWSSB's STP every day and water stored in percolation tanks; the area will not be parched this summer.

According to officials, realising that water supply will take a hit during summer, the park which sources water from BWSSB's sewage treatment plant has come up with 120 pits that hold water.

Each pit is 15 feet deep with cement rings to cover it. The pit then is covered by a concrete lid that has tiny holes. Each pit can hold 15,000 litres of water. The idea is to tap into running water during rains.