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Bengaluru Rural Police raids 120 rowdies' homes and hideouts, warns them

The Bengaluru Rural Police gave an early morning shock to hundreds of rowdy elements in their jurisdiction limits by conducting raids.

The police team took leaf out of Bengaluru City Police which is on a drive to tame rowdy elements.

120 rowdies were paraded at a ground in Nelamangala on Bengaluru outskirts and were issued a warning by Superintendent Of Police Kona Vamsi Krishna.

The SP told them that if they are found doing any mischief or if their names crop up in criminal activities, the police will issue a 'tadipar' order against them.

The police have been receiving complaints about increase in crimes like chain snatching, threats, illegal land deals and others and to ensure these crimes does not lead to bigger crimes and to cut the growing clout of such elements, the raids were conducted to remind the anti-social elements that if they try to become smart, police will handle them in better ways.